Positive audit compliance with BRC standard

DROB-BOGS poultry processing plant underwent a successful audit of compliance with the standard of the British Retail Consortium. The Executive Committee of the Certifying body – CSQA – issued a decision confirming compliance of DROB-BOGS company with the highest standards of quality and safety of manufactured food. The Certificate (grade A) includes slaughtering, cutting and poultry meat packaging as well as the production and packing of mechanically separated meat and raw poultry products.

Modern Multivac packing machine

In order to extend the offer, DROB-BOGS poultry processing plant has purchased the latest packaging machine, made by German company MULTIVAC. MULTIVAC T300 used for packing on barrier trays filled with an inert gas is characterized by an innovative design and high performance. Barrier trays represent one of the most modern methods of stowage on the market – they are characterized by high standards of hygiene. They do not deform products and guarantee freshness thanks to the use of noble gases. Our range covers all poultry products, which are packed in coloured trays (black and yellow) with a capacity of 1kg and 5kg.

Numer Weterynaryjny Drob-Bogs obrazek

Positive decision of veterinaty services

On 25 February 2012, Poviat Veterinary Inspection in Piotrków Trybunalski approved the DROB-BOGS company for the production of fresh and frozen poultry in Poland and other European Union countries. This decision confirmed the high standard of infrastructure, plant and equipment, as well as the corporate governance procedures of Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and internal control systems based on HACCP principles.

Production launched in a new hall

In December 2011, DROB-BOGS launched production in a newly-built production hall, equipped with the latest machinery and equipment for slaughtering and processing of poultry meat. Freezing facility and a third-category waste disposal plant integrated with slaughterhouse was also launched. The total area of the new facility exceeds more than 11 000 square meters.