DROB BOGS belongs to the most modern poultry slaughterhouses in Europe. The production of fresh and frozen poultry products is conducted here with the most technologically advanced machines of a well-known MEYN brand as well as dry cooling systems and deep freeze.   The department has its own cold store with a capacity of 4 000 tonnes and biological sewage treatment plant. It also includes one of the most modern systems of a third-category waste rendering plant (low-risk group). All production takes place under strict veterinary supervision and according to international standards of quality and hygiene.

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Ubojnia drobiu - DROB-BOGS

We produce a wide range of fresh and frozen poultry products provided to both wholesale and retail customers in Poland and abroad. Our offer includes chicken in whole, in parts and giblets. Each of these products is packaged in individual or bulk packaging - according to customers’ requirements. Orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and in accordance with stringent quality standards.

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Mroźnia składowa - DROB-BOGS

In addition to the production of poultry meat, we also offer deep freezing and storage of animal fats, meat products and vegetables. The facility with a capacity of 4 000 tonnes and an area of 1200m ² is equipped with movable shelves. It is composed of four loading docks. The products are frozen to a temperature of -38 ° C in the fast freezing tunnel. Then, they are stored in a cold store - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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Utylizacja - DROB-BOGS

One of our most important production activities is third-category waste disposal and production of high-protein poultry meal and fat. Renderong line, launched in December 2011, is one of the most modern in Europe. Thanks to an innovative solution, the heat generated during the waste disposal is used in the manufacturing process to heat water and production halls.

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