DROB BOGS belongs to the most modern poultry slaughterhouses in Europe. The production of fresh and frozen poultry products is conducted here with the most technologically advanced machines of a well-known MEYN brand as well as dry cooling systems and deep freeze. The department has its own cold store with a capacity of 4 000 tonnes and biological sewage treatment plant. It also includes one of the most modern systems of a third-category waste rendering plant (low-risk group). All production takes place under strict veterinary supervision and according to international standards of quality and hygiene.

Experience and continuous development – the main assets of the company

For over more than 20 years of its existence, DROB-BOGS has become a leading producer of poultry meat in the region and the country. The experience gained over the years constitutes a solid basis of the company’s operations and its future development. To meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, DROB-BOGS puts great emphasis on the modernization and improvement of production procedures. A newly-opened production hall with a capacity of up to 6 000 chickens per hour is equipped with the most modern slaughter and cutting lines of a well-known MEYN brand with a cooling system and deep-freezing up to – 38 ° C in ammonia technology. This ensures not only high quality products but also optimal production performance. We are also continually investing in new technologies to streamline the process of cutting chickens into parts. Finished products are then packaged in individual or bulk containers and transported in coolers to customers.

Reliability – the basis of our company’s activity

DROB-BOGS began its activities in 1991 as a private family business. During the first years of difficult transition in the country, it gradually gained confidence among poultry producers and consumers. Gradually, it gained both wholesale and retail market. Along with a continuous modernization of the plant in 2006, it received a rigorous quality certificate authorizing the sale of products in all the European Union countries. Shortly later, the project to build a new plant was conceived in order to meet the challenges of the coming years. In November 2011, the construction of a new production hall and freezing facility, sewage treatment and waste disposal plant were completed. Before the end of the year, a new plant with an area of over 11 000 m² started its production. There are plans for further modernization, including the development of transport fleet and the expansion of production including processed products ready for consumption.